Hats Off to Panama

At OKO, we are busy people (as I am sure you are too) and it means that we do not always take the time to reflect on key new business wins that we achieve around the world, or assemble all of the positive feedback that we get from regular clients.

So, starting last year, we have begun to work with our sales teams in different countries to gather folders of testimonials and test cases that can be used to show to those of you who have yet to enjoy the benefits of puncture free tyres that also last longer.

If you are a fleet owner or manager who wants to learn more, we will be happy to share the data with you – it is an ever growing work but we already have information from satisfied clients and distributor tests hailing from Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Central America and South America.

OKO keeps the construction tyres turning

Today I want to tell you about two exciting tests that led to OKO being deployed on massive infrastructure projects in Panama.

Customer 1: Norberto Odebrecht

 NorbertoThe result of applying OKO by 4 teams of Brazilian construction company Norberto Odebrecht (building a large part of the 180km-long road project from Santiago to David) is a decrease from 6 punctures weekly to zero incidences of punctures in the period from December 2014 to March 2015.

An evaluation of working conditions determined that pressure losses caused by moderate/ minor punctures was making tyres very vulnerable to cuts and other premature damage, which when using OKO Mining Extra Heavy Duty sealant, decreased markedly.


The total value of this road project is $1,080 million so there is a lot at stake in terms of keeping vehicles in action. 


Customer 2: GUPC



Grupo Unidos por el Canal (GUPC), which is building the extension of the third set of locks of the Panama Canal in the Pacific, has also had excellent results with OKO.


The result of applying OKO by 2 GUPC teams is a decrease of the incidence of punctures from 16 weekly to zero by March 2015.


Consequently, GUPC is expanding the use of OKO Mining for their teams through additional purchases.

The total value of the huge Canal project is $3,250 million.

 Extra Heavy Duty results

Using OKO Mining sealant in these cases is providing concrete benefits in saving downtime on these important projects. GUPC is also replacing the use of solid fill products with OKO, due to the adverse impact that the rigid foam has due to stress damage on bearings, axles and the tyre itself. Not to mention the cost savings.

Furthermore, the use of OKO sealant maximises the life of the tyre to avoid premature damage resulting in loss of air pressure. This is the cause of 80% of premature replacement, according to the Tire Industry Association of America.

If you want to profit in the same way, contact us today to be put in touch with your local distributor: or if you want to join our ever-expanding network of distributors, we’d love to hear from you too.