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OKO Mining Xtra-Heavy Duty

The strongest tyre sealant yet produced
Designed for large tyres in Mines, Quarries and rough Construction & Waste Management sites
Permanently seals multiple holes up to 20mm+: conditions tyres and extends tyre life by 20% on average
For Extra Heavy-Duty requirements
Often eliminates the need for Solid Fill in tyres
Up to 80 km/hr: 50 mph
 25 litre drum & durable pump

OKO Mining Xtra Heavy Duty is an essential aid to operators of vehicles that suffer the very harshest off-road terrain.

Fitting tyres with solid polyurethane fill is one solution but it carries a heavy weight penalty, is very expensive and adversely affects the ride, as well as placing a strain on axles.

In most cases, extra heavy-duty OKO Mining can work as well as solid fill, at a fraction of the cost and with minimal weight penalty. It seals holes of more than 20mm in diameter in tubeless tyres. That is why it is the natural choice for mines, quarries, waste management plants and rough construction sites.

Norilsk Nickel, the world’s biggest nickel mining group and one of the biggest all-round mining corporations, has tested and officially approved OKO Mining for use in its vehicles after extensive summer and winter testing (down to -52 degrees C).

In underground Chilean mines, tyres that normally last only 5 months had their life extended to 7 months by the use of OKO Mining. This is due to its beneficial effects upon tyre porosity, tyre cooling and conditioning of the rubber.

Britain’s biggest housebuilder specifies only OKO Mining, for use on all its construction sites, following a competitive assessment of other tyre sealants.

A Canadian forestry truck operating on harsh trails, fitted with tyre temperature sensors, recorded a 11.5% average reduction in temperatures on its OKO-fitted tyres compared to matched non-OKO tyres. Heat is the greatest cause of premature tyre wear.

OKO Mining is primarily designed for use off the highway. It can be used on road for slow-moving on/off road trucks and service vehicles, and is often used in countries with bad road surfaces.

25 litre black drum: easy to use, 32% larger/better value than 5 US gallon (18.9 litre) pails that are often mis-labelled as ’20 litres’, and you do not have a messy lid to remove.

Sold separately (a one-time purchase): NEW adjustable heavy-duty all-alloy pump, which delivers 250ml per stroke for rapid and accurate filling through the valve stem, and works against pressure of up to 60 psi/4.21 bar. (Not to be compared with competitive pumps that you have to assemble, are plastic or rust-prone steel, deliver smaller doses, are not adjustable and do not handle such high pressures).  Because OKO is water-soluble, the pump washes clean for repeated use, and if the tyre is removed from the rim in the future both the tyre and the wheel can be hosed clean.   Anti-corrosion agents prevent any damage to either.

Many users of very large mining tyres pour the sealant directly into the tyre well (either in the full 25 litre quantity or via decanted 5 litre jugs) having mounted one tyre bead on the rim: then they simply seal up the second bead.

Precise calculations depend on the tyre size and type but typically OKO can be fitted to all 4 large industrial tyres for much less than the cost of replacing one tyre, even using a remould.


Punctures are one of the most common causes of costly downtime, and OKO can eliminate most of them
Can avoid the tyre damaging itself on the rim and having to be replaced
Seals the hole in the tread area the moment the puncture happens
Designed for use in the harshest off-road environments
Lasts the legal life of the tyre, which will be 20% longer than without OKO
Deals with loss of air and provides a permanent seal to any hole in the tread area caused by puncturing objects with a diameter of 20mm+ in large tubeless tyres


Non Corrosive: Non Flammable: Non Hazardous.

QUANTITIES: see the Dosage Calculator on this page.

NO ADVERSE AFFECT UPON TYRES OR RIMS (contains anti-corrosion agents that protect steel and alloy wheels).

Remoulds: causes no problems, can be washed out.

Vulcanising: First remove OKO with water, then dry tyre with “BUFSOL” solution.

Colour: Purple. Viscous. Low Odour.

NB: do not use sealant if you are filling your tyres with water/anti-freeze. (This practice is not good for vehicles or the land: see our blog)

OKO Puncture Free Tariff Number: HS 3824 99 96 99
OKO Pressure Application Pump Tariff Number: HS 8413 20 00 90

The insides of new tyres often have a layer of release-agent chemicals, that can contaminate sealant: clean the tyre inner before applying OKO.  Also, do not over-use tyre mounting paste and avoid leaving residue inside the tyre. Always use the moisture trap on air compressors to ensure dry air inside the tyre before applying OKO. No risk and safety labels or warnings are required since this product is not classified as hazardous under current regulations.

Normal safety precautions should be taken: wear gloves and protect eyes.

Rinse product off any clothes that it may be spilled upon.

Keep away from children.

If swallowed, see a doctor.


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