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The Myth of Tyre Sealant Franchising – and the Valid Alternative


Have you seen offers in the many franchising websites to set up as a tyre sealant seller and fitter?  Do they seem to be too good to be true? The short answer is, ‘yes’.

We at OKO have just carried out a survey of all the one-person bands that have set up their own limited companies in all good faith, under the overall banner of a UK-based tyre sealant company, from 2008 to the present day.  In the company’s multiple ads on franchising websites, British applicants are promised a postcode area of their own and they pay upfront for a package of goods. Overseas applicants are charged a high lump sum for the ‘right’ to sell in their country.

The results are shocking. Of 44 franchisees set up since 2008, 37 have been struck off, dissolved or are dormant and not trading. Another 3 are trading at a loss. A final 3 recent start-ups have yet to file accounts. Over 13 years, only one franchisee is making a modest profit.

The full picture is even worse, because many more people have set up under this company, using their own operating names: but very few are still visible.

The Fair Alternative

The way that OKO works with its regional distributors is different to that of many other sealant companies – we will never take money from you for the ‘privilege’ of working with us: there are no bogus ‘franchises’ and no excessive minimum order quantities: we simply sell to you at excellent trade prices that allow you to build your business steadily and make a good margin from selling and/or fitting competitively to vehicle users.

And our pledge to you as part of our network is that we will promote the OKO brand, in the UK and Worldwide, through effective advertising and information, including:

  • Leading Brand Credibility
  • Page 1 search positions on Google
  • Permanent GoogleAds campaigns
  • Industry-leading website
  • Biggest range of new videos
  • Independent test results
  • Official certifications: ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001: Carbon Negative: Vegan products
  • Comprehensive online or printed literature

If this sounds like the sort of opportunity that attracts you, then contact us to discuss it further.

In the UK: call OKO Sales on 0121 356 6565 or email

Internationally: contact your National Distributor (see ‘Find a Distributor’ at or complete the ‘Become a Distributor’ form to contact OKO Global, and we will respond rapidly to you. Let’s see if we are a good fit…


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