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OKO got into the bike market because users had problems. Tubeless riders need a milk-type tyre sealant, but conventional natural latex-based tubeless bike sealants are weak, they dry out rapidly into nasty rubber balls, and need to be cleaned out. While many water-based inner tube sealants have not been developed with bicycles in mind (don’t believe in any that are labelled ‘Tubeless’). In a few short years, OKO has solved these issues and made huge strides in the bicycle market:

2010: Puncture Free Bike (lighter and stronger than the brand leading tubed product) launches at Eurobike

2012: X-Treme (the strongest MTB sealant ever) launches in Asia at the Taiwan show

2014: OKO Magic Milk™ (the ‘lo-fat™’ lightweight tubeless sealant) is launched to overcome all of the problems suffered with other latex ‘milk’ products

2015: Habitat World Cup MTB team switches to OKO Magic Milk™: so began an amazing word-of-mouth conversion of top Teams

2016: Madison, the UK’s leading bicycle trade distributor, launches its ‘Nutrak by OKO’ brand range of bike sealants, after testing all others

2017: David Rosa wins his 8th Portugese MTB Championship with Magic Milk™. World Cup Downhill team NS Bikes Factory Racing (now Gamux Racing) switch from the ‘old skool’ tubeless brand leader to Magic Milk™.

2018: NEW Magic Milk™ Tubeless, the free-flowing, more powerful MTB sealant: and Magic Milk™ Hi-Fibre Race sealant, that has the strength to handle low-pressure downhill runs, and all high-pressure road race set ups. Magic Milk™ is synthetic latex-based so it is ammonia free, allergy free, does not ball up, and is rim, tyre and skin-friendly. It clings around the inside of the tyre like no other. It lasts longer than other tubeless products and can be topped up without removing the tyre. Watch the ‘How to Install’ video to see how easy it is to apply! In the UK, leading online bike retailer Planet-X makes OKO its prime sealant brand.

2019: Top World Cup teams make Magic Milk™ Hi-Fibre the Champions’ Choice: SCOTT-SRAM Racing with 10x World MTB #1 Nino Schurter, KTM Alchemist Cyclocross/Marathon MTB Team, Zappi Racing Road Team; all switch to Magic Milk™ Hi-Fibre! And the NEW Puncture Free e-Bike and X-Treme Dirt Bike tube sealants (including new workshop cans) are launched.

2020: OKO Bike Sealants are distributed in the USA by KHS Bicycles, replacing the traditional tubeless brand – the KHS Pro Team becomes no.1 in MTB/Downhill, with Magic Milk™ Hi-Fiber: in Canada OKO launches through D’Amour, and Mexico through Ciclopolis. Tubolito endorses OKO Puncture Free Bike as the only liquid tube sealant that works with their TPU tubes!

2021: More International Distributors join OKO’s Bike Network: including Jafibike (Peru), Hoj (Sweden), Bike+Sports (Austria), Magic Milk SA (South Africa).

2022: The OKO Bike range spreads through Asia and beyond, adding UAE, Malaysia, Cambodia, Philippines and New Zealand – where next?

2023: OKO BioBike is announced at Eurobike – the first dedicated inner tube sealant to be 100% Biodegradable!

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