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OKO Tyre Sealant is best used in pre-emptive mode.

Pre-treated tyres on British Army Land Rovers (tested at Aldershot barracks) sustained up to 30 punctures in each tire. Negligible air loss was experienced and the vehicles were operational some weeks later.

OKO Off Road is packaged in 1000 litre IBCs, 25 litre drums, 5 litre cans and 1.25 litre bottles.

These alternatives allow personnel to fit large vehicles and vehicle fleets BEFORE a puncture.   Personnel can also carry the bottles as a “first aid repair kit”.

Military Applications

OKO has been tested by a number of defence ministries.   The applications for the Military are similar to commercial, industrial and consumer markets.   There are additional benefits in use, however, both in contact with the enemy and in benefits to the logistic systems.   Specifically, the main groups of vehicles have been identified as follows:


*          Wheeled engineer plant;

*          Large & medium logistic vehicles;

*          Jeeps & small logistic vehicles;

*          Covert cars and vans;

*          Mechanical handling equipment;

*          High & medium mobility Drops vehicles that cannot carry a spare tyre on the cab or chassis.

Where puncture damage is severe and the hole size is beyond the claimed capability of OKO performance, it is likely that the deflation of the tire will be delayed significantly.   In a slow-moving vehicle, this will allow a tyre to run flat slowly because OKO will attempt to seal the large hole as the vehicle is moving.   The vehicle should come to a rest without impacting too much damage on the tire.

In an ON Road situation, OKO can be a significant safety aid.   Even if the hole is too large, OKO will attempt to plug it, thus giving time for the driver to react.   In tests with Motorcycles, even though a front wheel puncture was larger than 9mm, OKO still tried to plug the hole.   This gave the rider vital time to slow down and control the machine.


In the UK, successful trials were held at the Transport and Logistic Development unit at Aldershot, and also with: TLDT; 63 Airborne sqn RCT; 2 Para (on exercise in Kenya); AMF (L) exercises in Norway; Mechanical handling at RAF Lyneham.

Internationally OKO has been trialled and used by (among others) forces of Algeria, Australia, Denmark, Finland, Israel, Jordan, Nigeria, Lithuania and the UK; and has seen service in the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts.


Reduction in downtime for logistic vehicles;

Limited protection from small arms fire and shrapnel;

Reduced punctures in bush or desert conditions thus decreasing the threat of immobility;

Improved availability in FIBUA;

Improved reliability of supplies to first line combat forces;

Greater efficiency for wheeled ambulances;

Extension to tyre life since damage incurred by running on a flat tyre can be avoided;

OKO qualifies as non-dangerous air cargo;

Flexible use in a wide span of ambient temperature conditions;

In extreme circumstances, or ambush scenarios, vehicles’ chances of driving out of a situation will be improved dramatically;

OKO Off Road Tyre Sealant will block holes caused by objects with a diameter up to 12mm in a wide range of vehicles. Mining X-Tra Heavy Duty is for larger tyres and can seal up to 20mm.

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