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Driving a tractor over a ploughed field or a dump truck over rough terrain, you’ll be glad you fitted the original and best off road tyre sealant and tyre life extender

OKO ‘Off Road’ can be found in the toughest environments in the World, so there’s nowhere that it won’t go.

You can ‘Fit it and Forget Punctures’ in the tread area of the tyre. It is very versatile, covering all sizes of off road tyre.

Designed to seal punctures, depending on tyre size, up to 12mm in diameter (it can sometimes achieve more depending on tyre size, use and conditions).


Can be used on road up to 80 km/hr (50 mph). Short-distance use at higher speeds is OK.

OKO ‘Mining’ X-tra Heavy Duty is for large tyres in the harshest locations of all, in mines, quarries, waste management sites and tough construction site conditions: it will seal 20mm+ holes and slits in big tyres.

Best used tubeless: but will function with inner tubes. Tested in Canada on a forestry truck with tyre temperature sensors, the OKO-treated tyres were 11.5% cooler inside than the matched non-OKO tyres. Coupled with the reduced porosity of the tyre treads, that adds up (across all user tests) to 20+% improvement in tyre life. The owner/driver even reported improved ride characteristics over the rough gravel tracks!

For most applications, replaces the need for solid fill: much cheaper, lighter and does not worsen the ride (quite the opposite, see above…)

Lasts the life of the tyre: will not dry out or separate unlike some others. Washes out after use.

OKO LifeLong is not a sealant: it is for those whose large, heavy-duty multi-ply tyres do not get many punctures but which suffer from rapid external tyre wear and rusting wheel rims.

It is a wheel and tyre life extender/conditioner. The free-flowing liquid coats the rims and its nanotechnology ensures that steel and alloy rims alike will not rust, while the product’s air retention, cooling and conditioning effect adds a massive 30% to tyre life.

Buy Off Road grade in 1.25 litre bottles or 5 litre cans for smaller vehicles: or 25 litre drums (Off Road, Mining and LifeLong) plus the application pump (sold separately) for larger vehicles or multi-vehicle use. Very large users: ask about 1000 litre IBCs.

See application charts for your tyre type.

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