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When you have a mobility scooter or wheelchair, you have no spare wheel. You often have to ride over pavements and road gutters littered with sharp objects. You need OKO assistance.

For some mobility vehicles, solid tyres are available, for safety reasons. But why should users have to put up with a harsh ride? With OKO fitted, you get the benefit of pneumatic tyres without the puncture risk.

Apply NEW OKO Mobility & e-Scooter from its 1 litre bottle, and you will have more than enough for your two, three or four-wheeled vehicle.

Do you have a shop or repair workshop?  The the NEW 5 litre can, with its super-handy and accurate OKO sealant injector, is the perfect professional way to puncture-proof your clients’ tyres.

Why this product? Because it is a strong sealant but it is free-flowing and specifically designed for small-tyred vehicles that do not exceed 50 mph (80 km/h).

More and more new scooters are being sold with tubeless tyres, which are perfect for the application of OKO. It also can work in tyres with tubes, although in a minority of cases a tear in the tube will require it to be replaced.

And the fast-growing e-scooter revolution has added to the demand for this new sealant – both scooter owners and rental scheme companies will welcome this targeted product that exactly meets their needs.

We already supply a large number of mobility scooter users, and they appreciate the ease of fitting OKO with its built-in filling tube and valve core remover. If you need assistance, your local dealer can fit it for you.

And our other option for you is OKO Get-u-Home™, the superior digital compressor and sealant kit. Use it at home to inflate and keep your tyres at exactly the right pressures, to maximise tyre life and ensure the best ride. If you get a slow tread puncture and do not have any OKO fitted, the 400ml bottle supplied in the kit will usually repair the affected tyre.

With OKO you gain peace of mind, in the knowledge that it will seal multiple punctures, for the life of the type.

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