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  If a product has been tested, approved and used by the military and government institutions, you can be sure that it works. Indeed, OKO sealants have been trialled and used by, among others, forces of the UK, Australia, Morocco, Nigeria, Israel, Kuwait, Denmark, Finland, Jordan and Algeria and have seen service in the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts.  See the original UK military demonstration video on this website, where pre-treated tyres on British Army Land Rovers (tested at Aldershot barracks) sustained up to 30 punctures in each tyre. Negligible air loss was reported and the vehicles were operational some weeks later.

  The advantages of products that can seal punctures in the field, whether they are just caused by rough terrain, or puncturing objects that have been placed by hostile forces, are obvious.

  OKO was the only tyre sealant to achieve a SEATO part number following extensive tests by the military, leading also to NATO approval. This has given many forces the confidence to use OKO in theatre and in all their support operations.

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