OKO 2015: online and on the move

As the year draws to a close and we carry out our obligatory look back at the highlights, it is clear that OKO has enjoyed another record sales year and that is due in no small part to the digital advances that we have made.


OKO is primarily a B2B (Business-to-Business) company and in many ways, some B2Bs are showing the better-known B2Cs a thing or two about the adoption of digital media. 65% of trade buyers check potential suppliers out online and shortlist some, before they ever contact any company directly. Therefore it is essential to put your best face forward on the internet. Fortunately for us, most tyre sealant companies do not shine in this respect.


Review the presentation of many sites, and you will see years’ old information that has never been updated, claims that are unsubstantiated, a lack of simple product images and data, and very often a home-grown site with no discernable design input.


During 2015 we totally redesigned the OKO Global website, www.oko.com, along the lines of the mobile-friendly UK sales site that we had created at www.okosales.co.uk. We aimed to keep the best of the 2011 design whilst introducing easier navigation, clearer access for information about our distributors and easier contact to us. We have been rewarded with increased traffic, more and better new distributor leads, and a steady improvement in our already excellent position against the key tyre sealant search terms on Google.


Search us…


Not content to let this ‘organic search’ do its work, we have this year accelerated the process by placing paid-for Google AdWords entries into searches from all the countries where we are represented. A general advertisement and a bicycle market advertisement are currently featured. The result is the biggest share of ‘opportunities to see’ of any sealant, with well over 1 million and fast rising. The ‘click-through rate’ as people visit our site is steadily climbing too.


The other big competitive marketing advantage that we have been working on in 2015 is the production of a new generation of product videos. We use these on the website, on our YouTube channel (OKOGroup) and in exhibitions and presentations.


We had recognised that our old videos were looking tired. We are determined to keep one of them, our original British Army demonstration, because we are proud of it and it has even been pirated by others as if to make out that their product was the one in use (it most certainly was not). As for the rest, we are retiring them as we introduce one by one our new suite of HD videos.


We are proud of the contribution made in this respect by our worldwide distributors, some of whom have made excellent productions that we have been happy to collaborate with in terms of co-production or of later editing and dubbing into English. Here are the videos to look out for, either on our site or you can click through to their YouTube links:


The OKO Group YouTube channel
The OKO Group YouTube channel

An Introduction to OKO Tyre Sealants (made in Poland by OKO Group Polska, dubbed and edited by OKO Group, 2014)


OKO How To Apply (made in Israel by Musach Hatractor Ezra, dubbed and edited by OKO Group, 2015)


How OKO tyre sealant works (made in the Netherlands by Tyre Sealants BV, extra animation, stills and dubbing in the UK by OKO Group, 2015)


The OKO bicycle tyre sealant range (made in collaboration between OKO Group and Tyre Sealants BV, released December 2015)


OKO tyre sealant – construction case history (made by OKO Group in the UK, released December 2015)


On the website you will also see a recently-made guest video made by OKO Tanzania: and there is more to come –


Coming Soon at this cinema…


The finalised edit of the Habitat Mountainbike Team’s live action video (out shortly) shows them winning a race and includes one of their technicians fitting OKO Magic Milk to their tubeless tyres: this is an essential part of their winning ways.


And in the New Year there will be more from the construction case history, again filmed on site with real life applications and a TV presenter carrying out the interviews. You will also see an all-new product with its own dedicated ‘how to’ video.


So we don’t expect you to interrupt your seasonal TV viewing-fest at home with the family by watching OKO videos. But bear us in mind when you are in business mode and you want to save money by applying The World’s Favourite Tyre Sealants to your fleet. After all, in the season of peace and goodwill to all men, doesn’t that include doing what you can to protect your drivers and the public at large?