Fuel Costs Soaring – Discounts Disappearing? Fit OKO!




Everywhere in the World, fuel costs are rising steeply. In the UK and elsewhere, this is compounded by the removal of subsidies for many diesel users.


What can be done?


You may be surprised to learn that OKO tyre sealants not only protect your vehicles from punctures, and make tyres last 20%+ longer: they also have a third benefit when you fit them to all tyres from new.


Data produced by Michelin and other tyre makers demonstrate the importance of keeping tyres at the right air pressure – failure to do this (which is all too common) adds 3% to fuel consumption. That’s a big drain on any fleet’s running costs.


How does OKO help to remove that wastage? By coating the tread area, where the flexing of the rubber adds to the porosity of the tyre and normally lets air escape.


In normal times, that is reason enough to fit OKO: but these are not normal times, and we all face soaring fuel costs.


‘Red Diesel’ Disappears…


On top of this, in April 2022 the UK is withdrawing the availability of its reduced-duty ‘red diesel’ fuel from all sectors except agriculture/horticulture/forestry. The red-coloured diesel has hitherto accounted for 15% of all diesel usage.


If you are in the construction/infrastructure business, suddenly your duty rate is rising from 11.14p per litre to 57.95p per litre. That’s a seriously big hit…


The UK Government points out that construction accounts for 7% of UK NO2 emissions: and 8% of ‘PM10’ particulates as measured in London.


Other countries are acting in the same way, or are at least reviewing their current tax breaks. It all adds up to an urgent need for you to review your fleet tyre and fuel budgets and make every move you can to minimise the impact.


As part of your strategy, the fitting of OKO is one of the ‘lowest-hanging fruit’ that you can act on immediately. Consult your OKO Distributor now!