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    Fuel Costs Soaring – Discounts Disappearing? Fit OKO!

          Everywhere in the World, fuel costs are rising steeply. In the UK and elsewhere, this is compounded by the removal of subsidies for many diesel users.   What can be done?   You may be surprised to learn that OKO tyre sealants not only protect your...

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    OKO and its LifeLong commitment to wheels and tyres

    Every 2 years, the construction industry from UK (and all over the globe) gathers to see mammoth machines being put through their paces in the immense Hillhead quarry in the beautiful Peak District of Derbyshire, England. And this year, it was hot, hot, hot… And in June 2018, every...

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    Why fitting OKO to your tyres is cool

    If you know all about tyres, you’ll know that OKO makes The World’s Favourite Tyre Sealants, preventing punctures by sealing holes instantly, as they happen. What is less well known is that OKO tyre sealants also have an important role to play in lengthening tyre life, even when they...

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    OKO – Do You Really Need a Reason to Believe?

    When you’ve worked long enough with OKO tyre sealants, and experienced the never-ending insistence by potential clients on local tests to ‘prove that it works’, it can be extremely frustrating. How much proof is enough proof?

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