OKO Tire Sealant arrives in the USA

Although OKO is represented in over 80 countries around the world, a coverage that far outstrips any other tire sealant manufacturer, during our 37 years of innovation we have been conspicuous by our absence in the United States of America. But now that’s all changed.

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Having had a few false starts in the past, we have now got together with a company that has already proved itself by posting excellent sales for a local tire sealant brand. Triad Industrial Consulting operates in Arizona, New Mexico and West Texas, but if you are in another state and are itching to get your hands on The World’s Favorite Tire Sealant then I’m sure that Triad Industrial will be happy to oblige.

Better Prices – Better Performance

Triad Industrial is run by Keven Birck and Michael Richardson, and as hard-nosed businessmen they understandably wanted to test OKO to make sure that it was at least as good as the brand that they were leaving. In fact, they were delighted to find that not only were OKO’s prices better than the local competitor’s, but that you require typically 30% less sealant to achieve the same or better results, such is the superior efficiency of OKO’s formulations.

For our part, we at OKO are honored to have been selected by such a go-ahead distributor, operating in the heart of the USA’s oil and gas belt and having a huge number of heavy vehicles that need:

  1. protection from punctures
  2. avoidance of downtime
  3. and the 20% or more extension in tire life that OKO can bring

Having just taken delivery of their first bulk shipment, Keven and Michael are ready to take your orders, and we look forward to consolidating our first OKO bridgehead in the USA.

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Triad (triadsw.com) is already very well established in other related environment-friendly services to commercial vehicle fleets such as –

  • Kleenoil On-Board Oil Recycling Systems
  • Bio-Matrix to absorb environmental spills
  • Air Filter Blaster to reduce filter replacements and fuel usage
  • Power Up Lubricants to reduce engine wear and energy, and extend service life

Get OKO Protection

To discuss your tire protection needs, or to order OKO, call Triad Industrial Consulting LLC Monday-Friday 8am – 5pm MST on these numbers:

Tucson, Arizona office  (520) 742-2211

Roswell, New Mexico office (575) 623-9952

Or complete the form at http://triadsw.com/contact-us/