A New Online Look for OKO


If you are reading this article from the www.oko.com website, then welcome to the new look!


It is of course an organic change to our previous design, rather than a complete departure – but when something is working so well, then why change a winning formula? Since 2011, when we introduced the previous design, we have seen a huge increase in visitor traffic worldwide, and we have doubled our number of distributors thanks to the excellent quality of applicants that have been attracted to our website.


The reason we are changing now is that, 4 years on, the online world has changed hugely and we need to step up a few gears to stay ahead. People now expect a site to perform equally well on their mobile devices as on their desktops. So the new OKO site is designed to be responsive to smartphones and tablets and to adapt its content seamlessly to the size and orientation of the screen in use. Mobile navigation is also far easier and more intuitive than before.


In terms of content, we have upgraded the page on How OKO Works; added market information for Light On Road vehicles; and also for Mobility vehicle users, a growing market for us. There is stronger featuring of our most recently introduced products such as Mining Extra Heavy Duty grade, and Magic Milk for tubeless bicycle tyres.


Distributors welcomed


When we introduced our Find a Distributor feature we were the first puncture sealant company to give a proper list worldwide, that demonstrates our genuine international availability and supports our network. (If you are interested in selling tyre sealant, but you see written on a site against your region or continent ‘contact (phone number of the supplying company)’ then you know that they don’t really have any presence or experience in that zone).


For potential buyers or sub-Distributors, our much-expanded Distributor list is now displayed much more prominently, available with one click from any page: and with an improved search facility on the list itself. See where Distributors are: find our what types of OKO they stock at present: and click through to their email or website to talk to them. It couldn’t be easier.


And if you want to be a Distributor, then again the access is as easy as possible. There are FAQs about what we look for in a distributor; and you can apply using a simple online form. (Once you are a Distributor, you will benefit from finding a wide range of OKO support materials in the private Distributor Zone that we are currently building).


Real Product Details


The Product pages cover (in details) every grade that we make, more than any other company (how many sealant sites do you see where the product is not even shown or described? What are they hiding?) and in each case the information has been fully updated.


Available in English and in French (and we plan to add other languages later), we hope you like the new oko.com presentation. We welcome your feedback. And look out for regular updates to it, with new products, videos, test details and customer endorsements all to come.