Auto Secure and OKO make a big impression in Nigeria


It is always gratifying when an OKO Distributor makes an impressive launch into its National market.

That has certainly been the case with Auto Secure in Nigeria. Their principals had an excellent track record in vehicle markets, and our meetings with them convinced us that they were the right team to introduce OKO to their country and to make it the market leader.

Auto Secure had also learned from bad experiences that they had had with two other tyre sealant companies, one of which went bust and another let them down badly. This is all too typical of firms that arrive with great promises and then fail to deliver a reliable product or a credible business.

OKO’s 35 years of operation, its technical leadership, and its record with Distributors around the world were factors that attracted Auto Secure’s Managing Director Stephen Idowu. For his part, he has set up a Marketing campaign that launched successfully with his appearance on two National TV programmes. OKO received a sudden burst of enquiries from companies wishing to be distributors in their region of the country, which is now helping Auto Secure to enhance its existing sales network.

Articles also appeared in Punch and The Guardian newspapers.


This picture shows one of the Auto Secure trucks emblazoned with the OKO logo and packaging. The company is offering the tailored range of OKO tyre sealants to all types of customer, from Government and Military through to private company fleets: and in terms of vehicles, such types as –





  • Trucks & Trailers
  • Buses & Coaches
  • Public Service vehicles
  • Tractors, Harvesters and other Agricultural vehicles
  • Cars, Vans, Pick-Ups and 4x4s
  • Motorbikes and Bicycles

A new video is now available via YouTube.

The strong partnership between OKO and Auto Secure, its exclusive Nigeria Distributor, is sure to result in excellent service to customers, and market success.