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  • 03

    Hats Off to Panama

    At OKO, we are busy people (as I am sure you are too) and it means that we do not always take the time to reflect on key new business wins that we achieve around the world, or assemble all of the positive feedback that we get from regular...

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  • 05

    OKO – Do You Really Need a Reason to Believe?

    When you’ve worked long enough with OKO tyre sealants, and experienced the never-ending insistence by potential clients on local tests to ‘prove that it works’, it can be extremely frustrating. How much proof is enough proof?

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  • 29

    OKO tyre sealants thrive in 2014

    Looking back, as is only right at the turning of the year, it has been a hectic one for OKO Group in its international growth as the manufacturer of the ‘world’s favorite tyre sealants’. Here are just some quick snapshots of 2014’s highlights.

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  • 16

    Why Motorbike Riders must choose their Tyre Sealant carefully

    As I write about tyre sealants and try to be as honest as possible about what works and what doesn’t, I get frustrated when I see misleading marketing and unsuitable, or plain dangerous, products that are being used on the wrong vehicles. This is especially true about motorbikes. I repeat...

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  • 29

    Major event for OKO and Jaspa in UAE

    I was recently privileged to be invited to the official launch of OKO’s new distributor for UAE and Oman, Jaspa. Although this was the first media appearance of the OKO/Jaspa liaison, it has in practice been developing for about a year. Jaspa has been extremely professional, insisting upon exhaustively testing...

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  • 01

    Polish bike blogger endorses OKO Puncture Free

    It is always great when a totally independent expert tests your product and then gives it a rave review. That is what has happened here. We were approached by a leading blogger and tester of bike products in Poland, 'Endurorider', we sent him some product at his request, and...

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  • 02

    OKO tire sealant – equipped team wins through to the finish

    So after 36 days and nights of deprivation and appalling road and off road conditions, the intrepid band known as Yak to the Future successfully completed their mission – to drive an elderly, very pink Nissan Micra from London to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia as part of the 2014 Mongol Rally....

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  • 09

    OKO tyre sealant – London to Uzbekistan without a flat

    “Where” I hear you asking, “are the 4 noble lads of the ‘Yak to the Future’ team”, in their OKO-equipped pink Nissan Micra, named Coral? They set out, more in hope than expectation of completing the arduous course from London to Ulaanbaatar, on the Mongol Rally 2014. They have...

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  • 20

    Yak to the Future – the new OKO long-distance challenge

    Having recently documented the various motoring adventures that OKO has supported and made puncture free for its users, we are glad to report a new challenge – we are once more assisting a team in the Mongol Rally, London to Ulaanbaator, Mongolia. The team name is ‘Yak to the...

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  • 29

    Hatractor Attractor – OKO makes a big Expo hit

    The new OKO Israeli Distributors, Musach Hatractor Ezra, recently exhibited at the Technocar Vehicle Exhibition in Tel Aviv, and it was a great success for them, generating a lot of interest and many firm enquiries. Inevitably, the revolving wheel/tyre, endlessly punctured with a spike by the stand staff and...

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