Hatractor Attractor – OKO makes a big Expo hit

The new OKO Israeli Distributors, Musach Hatractor Ezra, recently exhibited at the Technocar Vehicle Exhibition in Tel Aviv, and it was a great success for them, generating a lot of interest and many firm enquiries.

Great interest in OKO at Expo
Great interest in OKO at Expo

Inevitably, the revolving wheel/tyre, endlessly punctured with a spike by the stand staff and immediately sealed by OKO tyre sealant, was the biggest draw. To those who have never seen OKO in action, it is a form of magic…

An Off Road Motorbike club (which has over 3,000 riders) took away samples of OKO XT, the world’s first specialist tyre sealant for enduro, trial, dirt and motocross bikes. They reported great puncture-free results from their field trials and are now eagerly awaiting our next shipment before purchasing (and posting about us on Facebook).

And at the (very) large tyre end of the scale, OKO Mining is going down a storm due to its ability to seal big holes in tyres and its positive conditioning effect, helping the tyres to last longer in extreme heat and bad terrain – thus showing a fantastic payback.

OKO RTG On Road is in service now with a big dairy firm for its truck fleet, and we expect many more truck, trailer and coach operations to follow their lead.

While OKO’s bicycle range was also on display at the Expo, and was demonstrated on a tubeless bike wheel/tyre set up on the stand. Cyclists were hugely impressed by the puncture sealing demonstrations and it seems there are a lot of Israeli riders who are unhappy with existing products in their marketplace.

The Musach Hatractor Ezra Team
The Musach Hatractor Ezra Team

See our intrepid band here, on the stand – (from right to left): Ogen, Ofer, Ezra and Yaniv. We wish them well and given their ‘do it today’ mentality, we have no doubt that they will be a huge success around Israel in all vehicle markets.