OKO tyre sealant – London to Uzbekistan without a flat

“Where” I hear you asking, “are the 4 noble lads of the ‘Yak to the Future’ team”, in their OKO-equipped pink Nissan Micra, which is (reasonably enough) named Coral? They set out, more in hope than expectation of completing the arduous course from London to Ulaanbaatar, on the Mongol Rally 2014. Well, as I write, their latest blog dates from August 6th, Day 18 of their adventure. This found them in Bukhara, Uzbekistan. On the way, they encountered the innocent-sounding M7 motorway which turned out to have sections that were actually dirt track. Then they were shocked to discover that they had to ford a river at one point on this major thoroughfare, sending one brave team member ahead to test the depth. Coral liftThis and other mishaps led to a need to seek out a garage that could equip Coral with a sump guard. Our picture shows her up on a lift where the garage owner left her until our heroes agreed to his terms for doing the work…

Pothole Hell

Through all of this arduous journey, there has been no word of changing tyres or suffering punctures. OKO has seen them through all eventualities. This, despite a recent bulletin describing the condition of another road thus:

“It wasn’t a case of driving carefully to avoid the potholes but more of a case of driving carefully to avoid the certain death of falling off the road into the river and instead having to drive into the 3 foot pothole that would undoubtedly break our car. A good half an hour later and we were finally through. I should never have doubted Coral for a minute as she had valiantly taken on the road to end all roads and won!”

Keep an eye on their continued progress towards Mongolia here… And look out for exciting news about OKO becoming available in Uzbekistan and several other surrounding countries, very soon!