Yak to the Future – the new OKO long-distance challenge

Having recently documented the various motoring adventures that OKO has supported and made puncture free for its users, we are glad to report a new challenge – we are once more assisting a team in the Mongol Rally, London to Ulaanbaator, Mongolia. The team name is ‘Yak to the Future’!

Squeezing themselves and their provisions into a little bright pink 1998 Nissan Micra are four intrepid young men – Matt Ingram, Ed Compson, Guy Khosla and Jonti Davies. It is a good thing that they know each other well, having originally met at Kings College School, Wimbledon. They leave today (Sunday 20th July). For those unfamiliar with the challenge, it should be explained that contestants can only use second-hand cars of 1200cc or less, and they have no back-up team.

OKO supports Yak to the Future team
OKO supports Yak to the Future team


This group is raising money for the very worthy cause of EducAid Sierra Leone. This charity builds and administers a network of free schools in the country, and Ed Compson worked with them in his gap year. They also support Cool Earth, that is fighting to save the rainforests. Sponsor them here.


Unlike the team that we supported last year, who went for speed and came in a magnificent 9th our of 180 entrants, this team intends to get the Europe leg out of the way fairly quickly and then spend longer exploring the less well-known features of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Mongolia, among other countries. More time to get (and if OKO has anything to do with it, seal) punctures!

To follow their progress, click here and you can get an update every 4 hours. For more information on the Mongol Rally and its organisers, see the site of The Adventurists.

Good luck guys!