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    Tyre Sealant Dosage Calculator


    Tyre Size (as it appears on the Tyre)

    Tyre size is blank

    The Tyre Dosage calculator advises OKO's recommended dosage for any tyre size.
    To use this calculator:

    1. Enter the size shown on the tyre

    2. Select the OKO product you are using

    3. Click the 'Check' button

    The calculator will display the correct dosage.

    If you are not sure you have entered the correct tyre description, read "Tyre Description" which describes the dimensions of the tyre as interpreted by the calculator.

    The calculator supports the following tyre size formats

    • 4.10/3.50-4 (where the tyre sidewall is smaller than 25 inches)
    • 3.00-4
    • 3.00L-4
    • 11.2R24
    • 11.2LR24
    • 280/85R24 (where the aspect ratio is between 30% and 110%)
    • 280/85-24 (where the aspect ratio is between 30% and 110%)
    • 19.0/45-17 (where the aspect ratio is between 30% and 110%)
    • 19.0/45R17 (where the aspect ratio is between 30% and 110%)
    • 13x5.00-6
    • 13x5.00R6

    NOTE: do not include the load index and speed rating when entering the tyre size.

    Therefore, "185 / 55 R15 81H" should be entered as "185 / 55 R 15".

    for a full troubleshooting guide

    If you have any problems or need assistance, call + 44 (0) 2381 550 058 or email

    WARNING – make sure you choose the right OKO sealant for your vehicle before using this Calculator. If you are unsure, seek advice from OKO or your local distributor before selecting and applying the sealant.

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