How to avoid compaction of your farming land

At OKO Tyre Sealants, we are often asked – “can I use your Off Road sealant in flotation tyres?” The simple answer is yes – and not just to protect you from punctures. Here’s why…

Farmers are very much aware that over-compaction of their land by tyres or tracks is a bad thing, that should be minimised for the sake of their yields, soil health, and the environment as a whole.

The last decade has seen the development of increasingly efficient, wide ‘flotation’ radial tyres that are flexible enough to spread and create an even wider footprint, have a lighter weight (than earlier flotation models or cheap remoulds) and operate at lower pressures, thus lessening the load on the ground. They have these benefits –

  • reducing compaction
  • avoiding soil replacement
  • a higher speed limit for the same wheel load
  • lower rolling resistance hence reduced fuel consumption

How does this square with the use of OKO sealant? By ‘doubling down’ on the efficiency improvements that can be made, out in the fields.

Add OKO Off Road – the no.1 Farming tyre sealant in the UK, Europe and in many other countries worldwide – and all your pneumatic tractor and trailer tyres (of any kind) can resist even large puncturing objects.

Whatever tyre pressure you select, OKO will also stop air loss from the tread area, helping to maintain the correct inflation and optimising fuel consumption.

The cooling and conditioning effects that OKO has on the tyre rubber also reduce heat (the greatest cause of early tyre demise) and help to keep the tyre more pliable.

OKO works at low and high tyre pressures, and the Off Road grade is effective for regular use up to 50 mph/ 80 km/h, on or off road.

With the ever-increasing focus on the environmental impact of farming, retailers and consumers are more and more demanding of the way in which their food is produced. As we have urged in a previous article, the practice of ballasting tyres (by putting up to 75% water or anti-freeze mixture into them) is archaic and should be avoided. It hugely increases soil compaction. If there is a perceived need to improve traction on difficult terrain, then axle weights are the answer; and they also provide the opportunity to benefit from the great benefits of tyre sealant. Lower-pressure flotation tyres also reduce the need for extra weighting of the vehicle.

Which leaves us with the ‘win-win’ scenario – combining flotation tyres with the floating liquid of OKO that protects them from within.