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    How to avoid compaction of your farming land

    At OKO Tyre Sealants, we are often asked – “can I use your Off Road sealant in flotation tyres?” The simple answer is yes – and not just to protect you from punctures. Here’s why… Farmers are very much aware that over-compaction of their land by tyres or tracks...

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    Why On Earth (or in the air) do you need Nitrogen in commercial tyres?

    Typical Mining Vehicle – with OKO: and N2?   You may have been encouraged by your tyre bay to invest in having them replace the natural air in the tyres of your heavy-duty OTR or On Road vehicle fleet with more or less pure nitrogen (N2). Why? Well, the...

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    Ballast in Tractor Tyres

      One of the commonest arguments that we at OKO hear from famers about why they ‘cannot’ use tyre sealant in their tractors is that they must ballast their tyres (usually just their rear tyres) with water for reasons of traction This is actually not good practice – and...

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