Interesting Times – the best time to plan ahead…

Many readers will have heard the apocryphal (some say Chinese) curse – ‘May you live in interesting times’.


Well, we certainly are going through an unprecedented time of worldwide upheaval and woe. Many businesses are forced to cut back, and others are watching and waiting. But marketing theory says that recessions are the best times for investing in promotion and bringing out new innovations, while the rest of the suppliers are stagnating.


Business-wise, we at OKO are continuing to move ahead, thanks in part to the growth in the worldwide bicycle market, where our Magic Milk™ tubeless brand goes from strength to strength. And we are not stopping there – watch out for an exciting new launch very soon…

In the agricultural/horticultural sector, we have just introduced a new 5 Litre can size of our best-selling, go-anywhere OKO Off Road tyre sealant. This bridges the gap between the DIY 1250ml bottle and the 25 litre drum that is used for large machines. The 5 Litre (recyclable) can is perfect to treat many smaller 4-wheel machines (note that it offers 32% more product than the US 1 gallon offerings).

The 1 gallon products usually come with a bulky plastic 10ml or 30ml pump every time you buy a can: we tested these and found them inaccurate, unreliable and environmentally wasteful. Instead, you can buy the OKO 150ml Tyre Sealant Injector, which is a one-off purchase – it will last you a long time (use it with a series of cans) and it is very clean, accurate and easy to use, screwing onto the valve stem. A valve core remover is built in. The product is already very popular with cyclists and motorbike riders for applying their specialist sealants (all of which are now also available in the 5 litre workshop size).


In the UK, we have recently been accepted as a Supporter Member of the tyre industry’s charitable organisation, TyreSafe: which (as the name suggests) promotes tyre safety – and of course that’s what OKO is all about…


While in many other countries, we are forging ahead with finding go-ahead National Distributors to expand on our 80+ country coverage. Traditionally we would be flying around for face-to-face meetings: but as we know, times are changed and we all must adapt. It’s fair to say that OKO is Zooming ahead on many fronts.