Mongolia – they made it!

Following our last post, we are delighted to announce that the OKO-equipped Nissan Micra of the ‘Gobi Brothers’ made it to Ulaanbattar, capital of Mongolia. And they were 9th out of 170 starters, despite the tribulations you can read about below! Their final blog reads:

We made it !! 22 days on the road and the 9th team to cross the line. It was a very tough day. For large sections of the day we expected to break down and be stuck on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere. We think that we got the ECU wet on one of the river crossings causing the engine to lose power and miss-fire. Top speed was around 50mph so it took us 13 hours to get here. It poured with rain all day making one section of road that had not been sealed almost impossible to cross. It was full speed and hope for the best. Real Sega rally driving. We owe another big thank you to the David & Goliath team who followed us for the first 200km to make sure we were OK. The traffic coming into town was truly horrendous. Some of the worst driving we have seen in the last 7,300 miles. We are both looking forward to getting home to our friends and family.

Once again, from all at OKO, we salute David and René, and are delighted that you have completed your charity run successfully.

And even though you,dear reader, may never encounter the conditions that they did, you can rely on OKO to keep your tyres intact…