OKO and Habitat Mountainbike Team bond over a better tyre solution


“This new Magic Milk is perfect!” (Maarten Kemperman, Team Principal, Habitat Mountainbike Team)



(Leading rider Maurits Buist with his new magic ingredient)


Experienced riders know that for tubeless ready tyres, you need a latex milk sealant to bond the tyre to the rubber rim strip. Natural latex rubber is the base of most milk-type tyre sealants. But it has problems. It dries out quickly, leaving balls of rubber inside the tyre: it gives off ammonia that corrodes wheel rims and eats tyres: and it causes allergies in a large number of people. Here’s what the experts say:

“Latex allergy symptoms range from mild to severe, depending on your sensitivity and the degree of latex allergen exposure. The most serious allergic reaction to latex is an anaphylactic response, which can be deadly. “ (Mayo Clinic, USA)

“We know that more than 6% of the general population have now developed allergic antibody to natural rubber latex protein and that approximately 10% of health personnel have been found to suffer symptoms on contact. “ (Allergy UK)

OKO Magic Milk was designed to be a completely new type of tubeless milk, built around synthetic latex together with sealing compounds never seen before in the bike market. The result is a brilliant combination of features:

  • Light Weight – this is the <lo-fat> sealant
  • Longer Life (normally 6-12 months) with no ‘balling’ so you top up and carry on
  • Wheel and Tyre Friendly – no ammonia (and no nasty smell)
  • No Latex Allergy problem
  • The Strongest Puncture Seal of any tubeless tyre sealant
  • Designed for clincher MTB tyres: and for tubular road race tyres (in use with top teams)

It’s no surprise that new Magic Milk is now winning friends all around the world and riders are finding that it beats the old established brands in every way.

And now, OKO Magic Milk has been tested competitively and found to be the ‘perfect’ solution by Habitat for Humanity, the leading XCO/XCM World Cup mens and womens racing team. Based in the Netherlands, they race all around Europe and worldwide. They continue to use Stan’s No-Tubes wheels with their Kenda tubeless-ready tyres, but will now rely on Magic Milk tubeless tyre sealant to stay puncture free in their races. They find that OKO’s sealant is by far the best for their set-up.



(Another win for Habitat for Humanity, with no tubes and no flats)

As a result, OKO has become a sponsor of the Habitat Mountainbike Team for 2015/2016, and the company is proud to add its latex-free milk technology to the team’s impressive arsenal of cutting-edge bike products.

Make this the season that you too switch to the future of tubeless tyre sealant, now available in larger 500ml and 1 litre sizes for even better value: OKO Magic Milk.