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    The History – and Future – of Tubeless Bicycle Tyre Sealants

    In the beginning – well quite a lot of years ago – there was Stan’s No-Tubes system; and if you wanted to go tubeless in those days you needed a simple latex sealant – to be lightweight (which after all is one of the key motivators for tubeless), to...

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    OKO and Habitat Mountainbike Team bond over a better tyre solution

      “This new Magic Milk is perfect!” (Maarten Kemperman, Team Principal, Habitat Mountainbike Team)   (Leading rider Maurits Buist with his new magic ingredient)   Experienced riders know that for tubeless ready tyres, you need a latex milk sealant to bond the tyre to the rubber rim strip. Natural...

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    OKO’s new Distributor sets up shop…

    In the OKO Blog column, we like to feature stories from our Distributors around the world – and mostly it is about their successes in winning new business from vehicle fleets, or notable exhibition appearances.   In this case we have a new Distributor in South West Africa that...

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