OKO’s new Distributor sets up shop…

In the OKO Blog column, we like to feature stories from our Distributors around the world – and mostly it is about their successes in winning new business from vehicle fleets, or notable exhibition appearances.


In this case we have a new Distributor in South West Africa that is not only selling puncture sealant for huge Mining and Construction vehicles, but also is big in little tyres – for bicycles. The company truly covers all the bases.


That company is Cycledelic, in the capital of Namibia, Windhoek. And not content with just distributing OKO tyre sealant and other products, they are also setting up as a retailer. Let co-owner Heinrich Kohne tell the story:


“It all started as a typical cliché… I was doing the odd bike service and repair in my spare time at home in a single garage. Regularly my customers would ask me, ‘why don’t you open your own shop?’ At that stage, working as a trail park manager during the day, I was pretty happy doing just that.
So one day while riding my bike around town I came across this premises that had a open shop to let. After a closer look I realised that it would make a perfect location for a small bike shop. 
From that day on the idea of opening my own shop sunk in and the mission started. So I resigned from the trail park with a rather heavy heart but a newly found drive to make a difference in our local bike industry. 
With a few competitors in the market it will not be easy but who ever said life was a walk in the park. The rest of the is still to be written…”

Cycledelic shop outside

Heinrich and his partner Kirsten Baumann are busy fitting out the shop, seen here in preparation – and inside you would see a few bottles of OKO Magic Milk, OKO Puncture Free Bike, and OKO X-Treme, proudly being shown as the first products on the first shelf…


We look forward to seeing the shop once opened, full with some of the many bike riders in Namibia – it is a country full of stunning rides, as our picture demonstrates. And for puncture protection on any type of off road or on road vehicle in Namibia, visit their website or call 81 249 2161.