OKO in Refuse Truck tires – results you cannot refuse

  Worldwide, the OKO coverage continues to grow rapidly.   For example, our very active Central and South American distributors are winning over more and more vehicle fleet owners to the compelling savings that they can make in terms of downtime and overall tire costs, by using OKO tire sealants.

In Ecuador, a fleet of 200 refuse (garbage) trucks operates 24/7 and normally suffers a lot of punctures, up to 7 a month.  They run Michelin tires on a maintenance contract.

The managers keep a daily monitor and after installing OKO, the punctures went down to zero in only a few weeks.  The controlled test will continue until the current set of tires come to the end of their lives – which is proving to be a longer period than previously.

The remarks from the fleet controller were:

  • Downtime was immediately reduced.
  • Only one puncture event due to a sidewall cut, unrepairable.
  • Tire life may be increased.
  • Tire temperature is reduced.

Other new clients in Latin America range from huge mining trucks to soft drink delivery vehicles – all are discovering the difference that OKO makes to their bottom line.