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The Ultimate Dirt Bike Motorcycle Tyre Sealant

Combats Snake Bites!
Seals slits up to 9 mm long
Lighter and far cheaper than mousse
Allows lower-pressure running
Tested in the heat of competition
 Also great for mopeds and scooters, especially those that have inner tubes

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OKO X-Treme Dirt Bike represents a true breakthrough in sealant technology.

Challenged by motocross and enduro hard-core riders to come up with something that would fight the worst terrain and save the cost and ride-destroying characteristics of mousse, the R & D team of The OKO Group went to work.   Then tested the result in competition – and came out winning. “This really is the BEST” (trialendurodirect.com, following successful tests with the Gas Gas UK race team)

It is a great partner to a natural latex inner tube: and it is essential if you are converting to dirt bike tubeless, where it will seal the inevitable rim leaks. (Successfully tested with Tubliss UK)

With its unique ability to combat snake bites and deliver a winning ride, OKO X-Ttreme Dirt Bike says ‘Who needs mousse?’ – it will give you the confidence to reduce tyre pressures and improve traction.


Eliminates the insecurity and danger of a puncture
Removes the need for costly and heavy mousse
Seals punctures with a strong permanent seal, as you ride
The difference between winning and losing
No need to be stuck in the wilderness due to a puncture
Extends the useful life of the tyre
Eliminates puncture repair costs


Non Corrosive: Non Flammable: Non Hazardous.

NO ADVERSE AFFECT UPON TYRES OR RIMS (contains anti-corrosion agents that protect steel and alloy wheels). DO NOT USE with CHROME PLATED WHEELS which are fragile and can react to any chemical.

Enhances the durability of INNER TUBES; and is essential for TUBELESS DIRT BIKE TYRES.

Colour: Natural off-white. Viscous. Low Odour.

QUANTITY REQUIRED ­ for all normal motocross or enduro tyres – 250ml front, 350ml rear.

Can be used for speed-limited mopeds, scooters and smaller motorcycles – for fast tubeless machines, use OKO On Road Motorcycle. 

OKO Puncture Free Tariff Number: HS 3824 99 96 99
OKO Pressure Application Pump Tariff Number: HS 8413 20 00 90





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