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    Web Searches find OKO

    At OKO Towers, we have permitted ourselves a modest celebration lately. Early last year, we finally decided to do something about our old and frankly outdated website at www.oko.com. It didn’t do justice to our abilities or to our standing as the original preventative puncture sealant. By August 2011...

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    What other tyre sealant makers won’t tell you

      Carry out a web search and you will find many ‘manufacturers’ of tyre sealant. Your first job is to separate those that are the real makers, and those who are reselling under a private label or who are franchisees. Many of these make wild and outlandish claims about...

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    Water-based Tyre Sealant versus Aerosols

    One of the problems that OKO faces as the leading tyre sealant company is that people constantly confuse its products with those which come in an aerosol can.  Even official online retailers use the term ‘aerosol’ interchangeably with ‘bottle’.  To be clear from the outset, OKO only makes water-based...

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