Web Searches find OKO

At OKO Towers, we have permitted ourselves a modest celebration lately.

Early last year, we finally decided to do something about our old and frankly outdated website at www.oko.com. It didn’t do justice to our abilities or to our standing as the original preventative puncture sealant.

By August 2011 we were able to launch our new English site, to great acclaim: and a few months later we added the French site, which is also attracting rapidly rising visitor numbers.

What we knew we had to do was be patient because our new site would take time to build up a presence with the search engines, and notably Google. Our old site had not featured highly and we were nowhere in the rankings. At the time, the ‘puncture sealants’ and ‘tyre sealants’ key search phrases were dominated by a clutter of ‘me-too’ resellers posing as manufacturers. Many more or less unscrupulous web companies were able to manipulate poor quality sites onto the first page. It notoriously took years to get to that position unless you were prepared to play such games.

 The Google cavalry arrive

Thankfully for us, in 2012 the landscape has changed. Google has ridden to our rescue, and that of other companies who have been using what are known in cowboy movie parlance as ‘white hat methods’. Google issued two major revisions to their ranking systems that have at a stroke banished those who have used dodgy link generation, meaningless blogs and other suspect techniques, casting them into the darkness of the lower pages where few searchers tread.

Thus it is that we found ourselves, after a little after a year, on Page 1 for ‘tyre sealant’ (strip out the paid-for ads and a couple of resellers and we are now the top manufacturer site).  And we know that within our increasing visitors, the right type of companies from around the World want to be our distributors, while consumers are bombarding us with ‘where to buy’ enquiries.

Lest you should see this as too much of a self-congratulation piece, we should say that we are always well aware that we have to continue to improve the site and to score just as highly on other keywords: we want to add new video content (as soon as we find time to make it): and to keep informing the trade and the public better about the virtues of OKO anti-puncture tyre sealants. On the Web, you can never stand still…