The Original Tyre Sealant user?

At OKO Global HQ, we receive many emails and phone calls of all kinds from around the world – but this week we received a call that was particularly special.

A retired gentleman from the UK phoned because he just had to let us know how one of our bottles had performed. Nothing extraordinary about that, you might think: except that this bottle was one of the first that we ever sold, in the late 1970s after we introduced the world’s first preventive tyre sealant.

He has recently got around, some 35 years later, to injecting the OKO Puncture Free into his car tyres – and he was amazed to find that it is still liquid and consistent, and is behaving faultlessly.

People sometimes ask us what our ‘best before’ date is on our puncture prevention products, and the answer is that we don’t have one. This shows you why. The puncture proof effect just works, so long as you have stored the product sensibly. It takes particular experience, formulation skill and special production mixing techniques to achieve this result and avoid any drying out or separation in the OKO bottle or drum.

The gentleman featured here has over the years become a member of the OKO fan club – he ran a fleet of trucks and as he told us, he “swore by OKO”. Which is much better than swearing at us…

Which only leaves us with the following unanswered question – is this the oldest example of tyre sealant in current service? Or do you know differently? If so, we’d love to hear from you.