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    What does it take to be an OKO Tyre Sealant Distributor?

      As you will see from the list of International Distributors at (go to the Products section then from any product, click on ‘Find a Distributor’) there is a fast-growing group of companies who are profitably selling OKO tyre sealants around the world. What is their secret? Is...

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    Water-based Tyre Sealant versus Aerosols

    One of the problems that OKO faces as the leading tyre sealant company is that people constantly confuse its products with those which come in an aerosol can.  Even official online retailers use the term ‘aerosol’ interchangeably with ‘bottle’.  To be clear from the outset, OKO only makes water-based...

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    A Day in the Life of an OKO Manager

    A Day in the Life of an OKO Manager ‘Tyre sealant? What does that do, then?’ Some 34 years after OKO invented the World’s first effective tyre sealant (or tire sealant if you are reading in the Americas), that question is all too common and shows that we have...

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