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    OKO 2015: online and on the move

    As the year draws to a close and we carry out our obligatory look back at the highlights, it is clear that OKO has enjoyed another record sales year and that is due in no small part to the digital advances that we have made.   OKO is primarily...

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  • 27

    OKO and Habitat Mountainbike Team bond over a better tyre solution

      “This new Magic Milk is perfect!” (Maarten Kemperman, Team Principal, Habitat Mountainbike Team)   (Leading rider Maurits Buist with his new magic ingredient)   Experienced riders know that for tubeless ready tyres, you need a latex milk sealant to bond the tyre to the rubber rim strip. Natural...

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    Becoming a Tyre Sealant Distributor – what you need to know

    One of the many fanciful aspects of other tyre sealant websites is the hyperbole that they use when claiming to be major international vendors. Can you really believe them? Er, usually no… Flags of convenience If you are suspicious about such claims, you are right to be. Whenever we...

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    OKO’s new Distributor sets up shop…

    In the OKO Blog column, we like to feature stories from our Distributors around the world – and mostly it is about their successes in winning new business from vehicle fleets, or notable exhibition appearances.   In this case we have a new Distributor in South West Africa that...

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  • 01

    A New Online Look for OKO

      If you are reading this article from the website, then welcome to the new look!   It is of course an organic change to our previous design, rather than a complete departure – but when something is working so well, then why change a winning formula? Since...

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  • 03

    Hats Off to Panama

    At OKO, we are busy people (as I am sure you are too) and it means that we do not always take the time to reflect on key new business wins that we achieve around the world, or assemble all of the positive feedback that we get from regular...

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  • 05

    OKO – Do You Really Need a Reason to Believe?

    When you’ve worked long enough with OKO tyre sealants, and experienced the never-ending insistence by potential clients on local tests to ‘prove that it works’, it can be extremely frustrating. How much proof is enough proof?

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  • 29

    OKO tyre sealants thrive in 2014

    Looking back, as is only right at the turning of the year, it has been a hectic one for OKO Group in its international growth as the manufacturer of the ‘world’s favorite tyre sealants’. Here are just some quick snapshots of 2014’s highlights.

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  • 16

    Why Motorbike Riders must choose their Tyre Sealant carefully

    As I write about tyre sealants and try to be as honest as possible about what works and what doesn’t, I get frustrated when I see misleading marketing and unsuitable, or plain dangerous, products that are being used on the wrong vehicles. This is especially true about motorbikes. I repeat...

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  • 29

    Major event for OKO and Jaspa in UAE

    I was recently privileged to be invited to the official launch of OKO’s new distributor for UAE and Oman, Jaspa. Although this was the first media appearance of the OKO/Jaspa liaison, it has in practice been developing for about a year. Jaspa has been extremely professional, insisting upon exhaustively testing...

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