Huge interest in OKO at Expomin Chile

Last week, OKO’s exclusive Chilean/Peruvian distributor, La Salette (Grupo LSL) exhibited at one of the biggest worldwide mining exhibitions, Expomin, in Santiago, Chile.

Expomin OKO demo

Supported by OKO, they gave a live demonstration of  the unrivalled puncture sealing ability of OKO Mining tire sealant, to thousands of show visitors. The follow-up now begins, but all of the big mining companies and many of the support services operations are now aware of OKO. A lot are already using it successfully, while others are on test.

Cool Running

It is not just the 20mm+ diameter hole sealing ability that sets OKO Mining apart, but also its unique ability to handle extreme heat, cool and condition tires, and make them last longer. Given the huge cost of every large tire used on mining vehicles, and their short life when used in extreme conditions 24/7, this is a very easy decision for an operator to make. The payback can be measured in weeks, not months or years.

And when machines are underground, the cost of a flat in terms of downtime is huge. Everything must stop while the puncture is repaired, which in itself can be very time consuming, difficult and expensive. The lost output and idle manpower are worse still.


Grupo LSL stocks and sells OKO as part of a suite of solutions for the mining industry, as well as for construction, forestry, agriculture, public works and trucks. It has sales and service agents around Chile to rapidly handle customer orders and service queries in all parts of the country.

New Certification for OKO

OKO has been tested and certified by Chilean testing agency CESMEC, who were completely satisfied that it sealed punctures as specified, had no effect upon wheel balancing when properly installed, and was not harmful to use. This is a welcome addition to the long list of independent testing bodies that have approved OKO around the world.

OKO Expomin booth

And OKO Mining is now being rapidly taken up by mining, quarrying and construction companies in Europe, Asia, Australasia and the Americas. If you want to trial OKO on your fleets, please contact us today.