Keeping the Home Tyres Turning…

While we at OKO Global have been jetting around the world visiting and supporting our ever-growing network of Distributors (it’s a dirty job sealing tyres, but someone’s got to do it), it is possible that we have not beaten the drum sufficiently for the home team – represented by OKO Sales Ltd, strategically situated in the heart of Britain, otherwise known as Birmingham.

OKO Sales is ably run by Jackie Guy and her all-women team (except that they get some men to do the heavy lifting in the warehouse, under their watchful gaze).  They will sell you one bottle of tyre sealant by mail order for whatever type of vehicle you run: or they will discuss with you the special terms for supplying multiple drums to use in your fleet of trucks or tractors.

Site for sore eyes

We were conscious that the old OKO Sales UK website was getting long in the tooth, and it looked outdated once the www.oko.com Group Site was introduced.  So working collaboratively, with the aid of the same designers that established the OKO Style Manual, we are proud to introduce the brand new www.okosales.co.uk site.

UK customers can now get up to date information on the best OKO products for everything from a motorbike (on or off road), to a mobility scooter, to a JCB. There are application charts, specifications and advice, and a webshop where you can buy bottles, boxes of bottles, drums and drum pumps online.

Of course, many people still prefer the personal touch of dealing with OKO Sales and ordering over the phone, and that option remains as ever on 0121 356 6565.

Already on the first page of Google for most tyre sealant searches, as you would expect, the new site will surely accelerate the already rapid growth of UK OKO sales.

The OKO Global and OKO (UK) Sales teams enjoyed a well-deserved weekend together in Southern Spain in May – mainly in recognition of the record UK sales figures in 2013/14. We wouldn’t bet against a repeat fixture in May 2015…