OKO exhibits at EXPOMIN 2014, Chile

OKO tire sealants are going down well in South America – right down into some of the biggest mines on earth.

In Chile for example, OKO Distributor Nicolás Sánchez of La Salette SpA is having great success with selling and installing OKO Mining tire sealant in all types of vehicles used in mines. It combines several benefits:

  • The high usage level of the OKO Mining liquid creates an effective cooling system inside these valuable tires
  • The tires remain more supple
  • They last longer
  • And of course OKO seals large holes immediately

The economic benefits are huge. The most enormous mining-type tires can cost $60,000 each and may only last 6 months, with the 24-hour usage they get on rough terrain, in searing heat. Cooling and conditioning those same tires using OKO can make them last 8 months or more. And of course if a puncture occurs then normally the tire is taken out of action and is either scrapped or repaired offline: either way it is an added operational cost. But the OKO puncture seal is so strong that most tread punctures are plugged immediately, and the vehicle carries on working.

Compared with coolant-only products, OKO is competitively priced but does a more comprehensive job, containing as it does corrosion inhibitors (to help protect wheel rims) as well as coolant. It is also much longer-lasting than nitrogen filling (which can be applied to OKO-treated tires if wished).

La Salette has successfully certified OKO with the authorities in Chile and sales are growing rapidly as more and more mine owners recognize the economic arguments for puncture protection combined with cooling, in one package.

And to further cement our presence in the sector, La Salette and OKO are exhibiting at the world’s largest mining exhibition outside the USA, EXPOMIN 2014, at Espaco Riesco, Santiago, Chile. We are very excited to be present and to welcome some of the 70,000 visitors from 35 countries who will attend the show between 21st and 24th April.

Come and visit us at stand 216 1-B, and say hello to Nicolás Sánchez as well as Chris Ring from OKO Global. We’ll be pleased to meet you and discuss how OKO can help your bottom line – whatever your tire requirements, we can meet them.