OKO – The Maximum Endurance Tyre Sealant

People often ask us – because they can never quite believe it unless they’ve experienced it themselves – whether OKO really does last until the tyre gives out (usually through wear and tear and lack of a tread pattern, seldom through tread punctures).  The answer is that in the vast majority of cases, OKO does last the life of the tyre.

And in addition to the thousands of tests we have carried out with customers over the decades, we have supported various high-profile feats of endurance where people have made extraordinary journeys for charity, often in unlikely vehicles. Every time, they have been amazed to find how well OKO has protected them from the punctures that others have suffered on the same route.

Roof of the WorldTake, for example, the Roof of the World Rally 2010, where a second-hand Land Rover Discovery 4×4 was driven by a 3-man team some 10,000 km from London to Tajikistan without a hint of a flat, despite the often appalling road (and non-road) conditions.  The grateful driving team’s letter shows what they thought… See the couple of photos also shown here to get an impression of the route.

OKO Land Rover river bedOKO driver Land Rover





In the following year we supported a pair of intrepid adventurers who took on the Rickshaw Run 2011, from the northernmost part of India to the southern tip. Having shown how well OKO performed in a sturdy vehicle, this was the complete opposite. How could a flimsy device like this, with its puny motorcycle engine and tyres, survive such an ordeal? The answer was – without a hitch. Well, there was the little matter of being rear-ended by a lorry. The little rickshaw completed the last leg on the back of a flatbed but the doughty drivers were determined to finish the course. And up to that point, having traversed nearly all of India, OKO had never once failed them despite horrendous terrain. The message for motorbike and 3-wheel pilots around the globe is – if you think your puncture challenges are bad, you ain’t seen nothing…

And of course, as we reported a few months ago, we were proud to support an Anglo-French team who passed the extreme test of the Mongol Rally 2013, driving an elderly Nissan Micra from London to Mongolia without a hitch, in tyre terms anyway. Our brave duo even shared their spare OKO (well, they never had cause to use the surplus) with other cars so that they too could avoid the dreaded flat tyre scenario in the middle of nowhere. Very sporting behaviour – and we would expect nothing less from an OKO-sponsored team. As with the Roof of the World run, the vehicle was left behind for the benefit of local people.

Now that we have the taste for adventure, we are keen for more – so if you are planning to take on an interesting challenge involving pneumatic tyres, then let’s talk…