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No mess when applying
Presta/Schrader screw fitting
Injects precise dose
Multiple uses in workshop
Reusable product: lifetime of use
 UNIQUE 150ml Larger Injector Size treats 2 wheel & smaller 4 wheel machines

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The Injector syringes dispense sealant with total accuracy, eliminating concerns over under-dosing or over-dosing.

The screw attachment works on all removable-core valve stems and avoids leakages.

The Injector is a product that can be used with any of our sealants, or lubes and other liquids used in the workshop (subject to the user cleaning the unit thoroughly as recommended).

Once purchased, it will have a long lifetime of use for successive tyres.


Accurate dose: control the amount and weight of your tyre sealant
Sucks up product from bottle then dispenses it
Special connector makes Presta injection easier (for removable-core valves)


Plastic medical-grade syringe with removable plunger.
Dual-screw thread valve attachment.
Schrader valve core remover tool.
Supplied in a 6-language pack (English/French/German/Italian/Dutch/Spanish).





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