OKO Tyre Sealant – it’s in the mix…

The continued growth in OKO sales in recent years has led to some distributors asking if we can keep up with demand. Nevertheless, ever since we have been monitoring our delivery performance under our ISO 9001 quality procedures, we have rarely failed to meet the tight standards that have been set.

But with one eye always to the future, we have just made further investments in factory capacity. The main pinch point in our sort of business is the mixing vats, because each grade of OKO requires a different mix.

The extra OKO stainless steel mixing vat
The extra OKO stainless steel mixing vat


Our photo shows a new additional stainless steel mixing vat that has recently been installed. In addition, we have added a new labelling line to speed up the finished goods production process. Below, you can see other mini vats that give us flexibility.

Mini OKO vats
Mini OKO vats

All of which means that we have the capacity we need for the foreseeable future, and we will continue to invest in this and all aspects of our operation, also including:

  • Research and Development
  • Quality Assurance testing
  • Marketing
  • IT


Environmentally Aware

OKO 14001 Certificate
OKO 14001 Certificate


When the latest international chemicals regulations were introduced in 2015, OKO took action and reformulated all of its products to ensure that its already-biodegradable products were still classified ‘non hazardous’ and required no warning labels.

So when you read of other sealants boasting of ‘going green’ then they are some two years late: and many others are still formulated with large quantities of ethylene glycol, natural latex and other chemicals that legally require hazard warning symbols to be added to their labelling and MSDS (Materials Safety Data Sheets).

But not content with that, we decided to qualify for the ISO 14001 Environmental certification, and we now have it, to add to our ISO 9001 Quality certificate (that was renewed without any restrictions). Before you choose another tyre sealant supplier, check whether they too are officially compliant to both these important standards.

New OKO International Distributors

These and other competitive advantages have helped us to add new distributors to our worldwide coverage. For a complete list, go to Find a Distributor and click on ‘Show 100 Entries’ (we’re not up to 100 yet but we’re not far off…)

Welcome to these recent additions to the OKO network:

  • Dontyre, Spain
  • Distriplex, Spain (bikes), Spain
  • Irontrust (bikes), Italy
  • Foxcomp, (bikes), Finland
  • PGM Technika, Lithuania
  • UAB ‘JW Trade’, (bikes) Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania
  • Diesel Machinery, Saudi Arabia
  • The Cube for Consultancy, Jordan
  • Triad Industrial Consulting, USA (W. Texas, Arizona, New Mexico)
  • Mercosur, Argentina
  • Cowdin, Argentina & Uruguay
  • American Technologies, Philippines
  • AVMA Distributions, Reunion & Mauritius


Look out for many new announcements and new distributor additions from OKO in the coming months.