OKO Welcomes You in 2014

Happy New Year to all of our OKO customers, and it already looks like being a successful year for the ever-increasing ranks of International OKO Puncture Free Distributors.

Welcome to our newest distribution partners in Bahrain, Chile, Israel, Italy, Poland, the UAE and the USA – and others who are due to join us soon.

Come and Join Us

If you are reading this and are interested in joining their ranks, then take a look at the Distributor FAQs on the OKO website and click through to Become a Distributor.

In whatever country of the world we operate, we apply the same philosophy of telling the truth about tyre sealants: about the real benefits they bring (and being honest about their limitations): and explaining about the independent testing and continuous development that makes our puncture sealants superior.

In all vehicle sectors OKO is making great strides, such as Mining in South America, Construction in the Middle East, Agriculture in Europe, Motorbikes in Asia and Military in Africa.  While our new Bicycle products are making friends all over the globe.

Many tire sealant companies are really only known for one thing – some are cycle-only specialists, others only really offer one basic off road product.  It takes real expertise to create a comprehensive range of on and off road products for all vehicle types.  Our success in each sector is your guarantee that in choosing OKO – you have made the right choice for your chosen mode of transport.