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The World’s Strongest Mountain Bike Tube Tyre Sealant
Seals slits, snake bites/ pinch flats and holes like no other product
Deals with slits and holes up to 7mm in mountain bikes: (up to 9mm in larger off road motorbike tyres)
Finish your ride when others fall by the wayside

Also recommended for mopeds and scooters that have inner tubes

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NEW X-Treme Dirt Bike is a genuine step forward in tubed tyre sealant performance – a real breakthrough product that fights bigger holes and even slits.

If it’s strong enough for enduro motorbikes (which it most certainly is), you can be sure it’s stronger than any other bicycle tube sealant out there…

Designed for the needs of off-road competitors and weekend riders, it is the difference between making it home and being left stranded by a ‘snake bite’/ pinch flat.

It has been tested in the most demanding trial, enduro, motocross events; and MTB/XC, downhill, and other bike races; and has been the difference between winners and losers.

One 800 ml bottle will protect both a motorbike rider’s tyres, with enough to spare – or two sets of mountainbike tyres.

Like OKO Puncture Free, it also works for full UST bike wheel/tyre tubeless set-ups in the case of those who will be putting their bikes through extreme tests.

But we recommend you use OKO Magic Milk if you are using ‘tubeless ready’ tyres.


Not latex-based
Lasts the life of the tyre
Combats larger punctures than any other sealant
Seals multiple holes: has aramid fibres and other enhancements for super sealing
Contains corrosion inhibitors
Non Hazardous


Non Corrosive: Non Flammable: Non Hazardous (not excluded from air shipments unlike some ammonia-containing products). Washes out of the tyre if required.

NO ADVERSE AFFECT UPON TYRES OR RIMS (contains anti-corrosion agents).

WORKS WITH INNER TUBES and FULL UST TUBELESS WHEELS/TYRES, with Schrader or removable-type Presta valves.

(‘Tubeless Ready’ tyres require rim tape, and OKO Magic Milk™ sealant: check the compatibility of your proposed rim and tyre combination before attempting).

Colour: Natural Off-White. Viscous. Low Odour.

20-24″ MTB: 140ml
26” MTB: 160 ml
29″ MTB: 180 ml

For most motocross and enduro motorbikes, use 250ml front tyre: 350ml rear.

For mopeds and scooters with inner tubes, use 250ml in front and rear tyres.

For maximum accuracy, for use with Presta valves, and for a host of workshop uses, use the OKO Tyre Sealant Injector.

OKO Puncture Free Tariff Number: HS 3824 99 96 99
OKO Pressure Application Pump Tariff Number: HS 8413 20 00 90





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