Polish Expo Drives New Sales

OKO’s Summer of Expos began early on May 14-16 at Autostrada Polska, where our new National Distributors, OKO Group Polska, exhibited and had a fantastic reaction from vehicle users.

OKO Puncture Free exhibition
OKO Polska live demonstration of puncture sealing


Showing their stylish new video (soon also to appear in English) on the stand, they also made full use of the tried and tested wheelstand approach, where the amazing ability of OKO to soak up punishment – from spikes hammered into a much-abused spinning tyre – drew crowds on all three days of the exhibition.


New Bottle Designs

The 25 litre drums were all on display, as well as the retail/small user bottles, which showed off their new metallic bottle labels that really stand out, for maximum shelf appeal (see picture below).

Autostrada OKO Puncture Free
OKO Polska’s friendly team on the Autostrada 2014 stand

OKO Group Polska, under the enthusiastic leadership of Adam and Izabela Bartoszewicz, have been very active in developing new business with both On Road trucks and Off Road vehicles of all kinds, and a visit to Poland by OKO Global in February showed that customers were very impressed by the puncture sealing abilities of OKO and by the excellent local service that they receive.


e-Commerce Site

The new Polish website is up and running and it features the clean new OKO corporate style that has also been used in the new OKO Sales Ltd. UK site. Both sites feature convenient webshops for individual sales to their local market.

See more about the Expo, and view the new site, here.

We look forward to great things from our Polish team, and we are enjoying their dynamic approach to doing business.